dinsdag 27 juli 2021

What is the most valuable intellectual property?

One of the most known trademarks on the planet is this bottle. A trademark on a bottle.... that is interesting, here is why:

Most intellectual property lapses after a specific time. Not so for trademarks.. You can have a trademark to infinity..... The image below is a design patent from 1937 on the Cola bottle, which finally lapsed in 1951, after the maximum protection of 14 years....

Yet, the Coca cola company managed to secure a trademark on the bottle on April 12, 1960. And,... after a quick inspection, and not very surprising, the trademark has been renewed ever since and is still in force... 61 years after the issuance of the trademark, and a whopping 105 years after the initial market introduction of the cola bottle. No question, it will be protected for a long time to come....

My message is, if you aim for a long lasting company, be very serious about your brands and trademarks. They are indeed the most valuable intellectual property.

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