vrijdag 30 april 2021

Patents boost the value of your start up

In 2009, Donald Sadoway started the company Ambri as an MIT spin off. He left the institute with a vision, an idea and a patent on a new type of electrical power storage. That combination was sufficient to attract the capital to start and produce these batteries.

Now, some 12 years later, the first commercial scale batteries are being deployed. This technology may very well change the world of power generation and power storage. The reason he could attract sufficient capital was because he had his invention protected. Typically, the value of a start up is increased by on average 300,000 Euro if a patent is applied for. So if you are considering a technical start up, or raising capital in your tech company, do consider to patent your new technology. Patents may well be the key to your success. subscribe to my newsletter for more on patents and innovation.
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