maandag 17 september 2012

Photovoltaic power production growth

My believe is that innovation is the most powerfull key to a more prosperous world. The following game changing development is a nice example how innovation will bring about prosperity.

According a Forbes study form last summer an additional 59 GW of photovoltaic solar cells will be produced in 2012 [1]. If this produced amount becomes actually installed in 2012, the total installed photovoltaic power generating capacity will reach 132 GW at years end.

This is truly and absolutely fascinating! My earlier estimated date of full replacement of traditional power generation [2] will even be reached sooner. This is VERY GOOD NEWS!!!! It is pretty rewarding to see year after year that my forecasts are pretty accurate, yet still on the conservative side.

When the above fitted curve of growth of globally installed photovoltaic cells is compared with the global amount of consumed power, in 2024 a full replacement can be predicted [2].

If the production estimates of Forbes is accurate, we might even sooner, before 2024, have gotten rid of most mineral fuel and nuclear fuel powered electricity production. WHAT A NEWS!