donderdag 1 juli 2021

The Valley of Death

98% of all ideas die in the valley of death... This is the harsh reality of inventing.... Reasons for ideas to die are plenty:

- not enough invested money,
- not enough skilled people,
- not enough market potential,
- not enough selling force
- etc. etc.

In my upcoming newsletter I am going to present three fundamental tips to reduce the valley of death, and to increase the chances of survival of your idea. I will explain these tips with two real life examples:

The company Helianthos, now Hyet, a developer and producer of flexible solar cells,

and the company Ambri, a developer and producer of a new type of batteries for industrial scale storage of electrical energy.

If you want to learn about reducing the valley of death, subscribe to my newsletter. As a bonus, you will get the booklet: "Seven mistakes to avoid in protecting your invention" for free.

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