maandag 26 oktober 2015

Patent tip: Think inside the box!

This may be a remarkable tip, but thinking inside the box may provide excellent information about your specific field of technology. It can be a source of inspiration and provides information on what other players do in your field. But how to define the box you are in and where to look "inside your box"?

IPC, an example

Well a good definition of the box you are in, is the technical class of the International Classification System. Here is an example:

In this specific class (on a subgroup level) there are some 800 publications, mostly patent documents. All very relevant to one very specific technical field, in this case membrane cleaning with moveable bodies.

The specific subgroup B01D65/04 is one of the approximately 65 000 subgroups available for search. Each related to its own technical field, or to its own "box".

The classification of patent document adds incredible powerful additional information, which can provide inspiration in any field of technology, Make use of it, it is all freely available and provided by the European Patent Office. You will find the relevant link below.

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Link with information about the international classification system:

Link to a keyword search mask in the classes of the IPC

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