zaterdag 24 oktober 2015

Patent tip: Be inspired by the patent databases!


One of the magnificent search tools for patent information is Espacenet. Espacenet is a database made available for free by the European patent office. Here, in a neatly ordered fashion you can find in about 64 000 classes about 90 000 000 patent documents.

This is a truly wonderful source of inspiration, that is why I would like to share this item with you.


For example you can keyword search in the classes, and can select the most appropriate class for your innovation. In this class, you can just start to wander around through the relevant documents. Please have a look at the second link herein below for a direct entry into 90 million patent documents, and:

Be inspired!

If you have tried various things and you get stuck, please don't hesitate giving me a call or texting me a message:

Hendrik de Lange
Dutch and European patent attorney
+31 (0) 6 481 74 686


Link to the keyword search field in the documents of Espacenet:

Link to the keyword search field in the classes of Espacenet:

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