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Average family size in the Netherlands

Average family size in the Netherlands

The average family size has decreased ever since the end of the war. However, it appears that the average family size is now stabilizing at 2,30 persons per home. If we divide the number of inhabitants in the Netherlands by the number of houses in the Netherlands the following graph can be shown. [1,2]

The war has had a serious effect on family sizes. Home construction came to a stand still during the war, whereas much houses were destroyed. Only around 1980 the prewar trend had been caught up again.

In 2012, the calculated average family size actually slightly increased, from 2,3019 people per home in 2011 to 2,3025 in 2012. This increment however is so small, that it does not show on the graph.....


Families in the Netherlands have virtually stopped shrinking, an equilibrium has apparently been reached. This has quite a significant effect on the demand for homes and thus on the price of houses.


[1] Tweehonderd jaar in statistieken in tijdreeksen 1800-1999:  http://www.cbs.nl/NR/rdonlyres/7934A2DE-B87C-4CDF-8BC7-D34F02225620/0/200jaarstattijdreeksen.pdf

[2] 111 jaar statistiek in tijdreeksen 1899-2010:  http://www.cbs.nl/NR/rdonlyres/76A03E00-8D45-498E-9959-9AB7F9FA2DAC/0/2010111jaartijdreeksenpdf.pdf

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